Developments that Bring Discouragement Can Provide Incentive.

An awful, awful shock. Workineh Yemesgen was killed in an auto wreck in Ethiopia two days ago. His sister Hiwot, here in California, seemed inconsolable as friends helped her plan the long, long flight.

A young husband and father of three gone without so much as a “goodbye.”

Jesus also died an awful death, bu He declined the protection of legions of angels. He suffered, He died and it was tragic, but not unexpected. There was a clear purpose.

Yet His followers could not make head or tails of it until after the resurrection.
We would not willingly reject the aid of angels. We want that security. If the shield of faith seems to have been penetrated and calamity finds us, we may want to ask, “Why pray for protection at all?

Or, “Why pray at all?”

But if you have ever been a pray-er, something is stirred. Despite the manifest senselessness of circumstances your are mysteriously drawn into the Holiest of All.

And so, we pray.


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